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Dial A Driver Australia Wide


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Need to get yourself and your car moving?

It is so easy to have a drink socially then before you know it you are over the legal limit to drive home.

What to do?

Cabs are sometimes hard to get late at night and then you will need to come back in another one to get your car when you are OK to drive; and that may not even be till much later.

There is another way

Simply Call a Professional Driver - 1300 511 642 - to drive you home in your own car.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide

Dial A Driver Australia Wide
Dial A Driver Australia Wide

Welcome to Dial A Driver Australia Wide

Dial A Driver Sydney began operation in June 2009, and has developed from a part-time business (hobby) into a client base that is expanding rapidly so we have decided to offer our professional services to the residents of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne.

The variety of services that Dial A Driver Australia Wide is able offer cater for Individual's, Families, Group Bookings, Corporate Clients, so if there is anything we can help you with to make sure to journey home is safe and comfortable don't hesitate to call Dial A Driver Australia Wide.

Our team of dedicated and highly trained drivers are sent to meet you at an agreed location to drive you and your passenger's to your destination without the hassle of being pulled over at a Roadside Random Breath Test (RBT), ensuring that yourself and your vehicle are safely returned home.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide cater for Social Outings, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, Dinner Functions, and Family Outings, so please call to arrange for Dial A Driver Australia Wide to compliment your next function.
Dial A Driver Australia Wide have has all the industry contacts that enable us to organize to drive one person home or the largest group in just about any type of bus or speciality vehicle.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide Will meet and exceed your highest expectations; and their attention to detail delivers the customer a very high quality service that will be bettered by none.

Dial A Driver for the disabled
Dial A Driver Replacement Drivers

How it works!

Two designated drivers are dispatched to meet you - one designated driver will drive you home in your own vehicle while the other follows to collect your driver once you and your car have been delivered safely to your destination.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide can transport clients from: the Airport, special events, BBQ's or their favourite Restaurant or bar, in their own vehicle.

Individuals can call us from wherever they are when they know they are unable to drive safely but do not want to leave their vehicle overnight.

Dial A Driver Australia Wide offers event packages that are available to those who wish to create awareness, reduce liability or ensure their employees and guests are driven home safely in their own vehicles.

In the event that you were NOT expecting to need a driver and then you do!

JUST CALL 1300 511 642 - in most case a driver/chauffeur can be dispatched on very short notice to get you and your vehicle home safely.

Fees are reasonable when compared with taxi cab fares and possibly loss of licence or demerit points plus a hefty fine if you drive whilst over the legal limit.

The Dial A Driver Australia Wide Team will take care of you and your family when you need them
New South Wales transport has launched a major new road safety campaign

The idea is to encourage people who are going out and drinking to choose a PLAN "B" instead of driving themselves!

So why not be creative, make your PLAN "B" Dial A Driver Australia Wide and avoid drink driving.

Take a Note of these Phone Numbers:-

Phone: 1300 511 642 - Mobiles: 0412 747 805 - 0447 068 974

Just in case! You might need to call for a driver TODAY!- TONIGHT! or any time you need to get you around when you can not drive for one reason or the other.

Our client satisfaction is PARAMOUNT!

We offer many years of valued experience allowing us the opportunity to boast about our service.

Please telephone us or call in TODAY!

- or arrange a time to meet and talk with me personally.
I absolutely guarantee you will be extremely pleased with the results:-

      Phone 02 9759 6311 - 1300 511 642 Or Mobile 0412 747 805


Your Safety Is Our Service!

Contact Us by e-Mail at dialadriversydney@bigpond.com

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