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Dial A Driver Sydney supply "Qualified & Experienced" DRIVERS for when you are short staffed or when your staff are on sick leave or going on holidays.

We can allocate "Qualified & Experienced" DRIVERS for any class of vehicle ranging from:- Cars, Trucks, Semi-Trailers, B-Doubles, Buses or Coaches so Sky's the Limit.

Ride Share is another part of our business which operates similar to Uber - You can call and book a shared car 24 hours day 7 days a week .



Ride sharing means less cars on the road and less waiting around - you might even get to use the carpooling lanes on the freeway to save you even more time.

Public transport might be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce transit costs, but between waiting for the bus or train to arrive and the journey itself, it takes a long time.


Not everyone can get public transport to work - whether the suburb is hard to get to or your schedule just clashes with the bus or train timetable, often driving is the only option. Ridesharing can help you find someone who is also headed in that direction at that time to take the cost and hassle out of your regular commute.


Taking a passenger along for the ride and splitting the costs can help reduce the amount of money you have to pay for tolls, petrol and parking. Do you know exactly where all your friends go on a regular basis? Your routes and schedules might be closer than you think.


Whether you need to organise an alternative while your car is at the mechanics or are looking for a regular way to reduce travel and transport costs (and times), Ridesharing will get you where you need to go.


Setting up a work group on Ridesharing makes it easy for colleagues to see who lives nearby and discuss carpooling options. You all share the same destination, so why not share some of the costs of getting there too?


Ridesharing lets you see where your Facebook friends are travelling and go along for the ride - you can even extend your network to include friends of friends too.


Negotiations are done directly between the driver and passenger's so whether you want to charge a flat rate or split the charge for the ride with other passenger's it is up to you.

Fact Sheet: Private Hire Vehicle Driver Authority The NSW Government is progressively introducing reforms to Point to Point Transport, which includes taxis, hire cars and rideshare. The changes will provide more opportunities for drivers, improve safety and boost choice for customers. The point to point sector is regulated to help keep customers safe, and all service providers, including booking companies and drivers, have a major role to play.

To provide confidence to customers, it is paramount that service providers do the right thing now and when the new regulatory framework comes into effect. All current and new hire car and rideshare drivers who provide booked services through an app or via telephone have legal obligations under the current system which must be met.

These are outlined within this fact sheet. Booking service providers, taxi service providers and drivers will have new obligations under the new regulatory framework and safety regime, which begins in the first half of 2017.

All players will be responsible for meeting the obligations that apply to them. The NSW Government will supply all the information needed to allow everyone to understand what they need to do under the new framework.

Current obligations

To meet the current legal requirements, all hire car and rideshare drivers must:

1.    Hold a valid Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) Driver Authority (DA) issued by Roads and Maritime Services:

2.    Register your vehicle for business use at a Service NSW centre or registry. You can do this by completing a 'Change of Records Form' and indicating in the Vehicle Registration section that your car will be used as a PHV. An additional registration fee for vehicles used for business purposes will be payable. The fee will be calculated pro rata from the time you apply to the end of your registration

3.    Ensure that the car you use to provide services is roadworthy and maintained appropriately. Anyone who holds a PHV DA is exempted from the requirement to hold operator accreditation, provided they comply with certain safety conditions.

More information is available in the Taxi and PHV operators http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au - fact sheet.

To be eligible for a Private Hire Vehicle Driver Authority, you must:

A.    Hold a NSW driver licence that is not a learner licence, probationary licence, provisional licence, restricted licence, driver licence receipt or conditional licence (other than a conditional licence with the sole condition of wearing contact lenses while driving)

B.    Have held an Australian driver licence that meets the above requirements for a total of at least 12 months in the two years preceding the application date

What rideshare services can I legally provide?

A rideshare or hire car driver that has a DA and whose car has a current business use registration can legally provide booked point to point transport services.

A booked point to point service is a service where the origin, destination and passenger details are arranged prior to the start of the booking. A rideshare driver may not pick up passengers without a booking.

A rideshare driver may not tout for a fare, or park on a road or at a taxi rank and ply for a fare. A rideshare driver who picks up passengers without a booking or who touts for business is liable to be fined.

A fine of up to $5,000 may apply. Repeated infringements of this requirement are likely to see a person's DA revoked.

What do I do with my DA once I receive it? PHV DAs are issued electronically, rather than as a laminated photo card (which occurred previously)

Safety Requirements

What safety requirements do I need to do to satisfy?

If you hold a current DA and you wish to carry on a hire car service (e.g. rideshare), you must meet safety conditions that apply to accredited hire car operators under the Regulations. If you do not comply with the safety conditions, the exemption no longer applies and you will be in breach of the law and may be fined. Your DA may also be suspended or cancelled.

These requirements include:

1. All vehicles must be appropriately registered and roadworthy

2. Implementation of a maintenance plan in accordance with the maintenance standards of the manufacturer

3. Maintenance must be performed by a licenced mechanic

4. Notifying Roads and Maritime when the garaging address of the vehicle changes

5. Keeping records such as journeys and servicing history for two years

6. Not allowing the vehicle to be used to provide services by someone who doesn't hold a driver authority

7. Not allowing a person other than an accredited operator to operate the service

8. Not allowing a vehicle to be used to provide a service if it has been issued with a non-compliance notice.

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