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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers of Common Questions

What type of services does your company provide?

We provide several types of service's:-

Providing a Driver

Dial A Driver Australia Wide is designed for those people that can not or do not wish to drive either on a one-off trip or a number of trips, whether attending work commitments, or a private, family or corporate function.

Dial A Ride Sydney

Dial A Driver Australia Wide arranges for various modes of transport either:-

•  Multiple Driver's to ferry vehicles from one destination to another or Limousines

•  Buses and Coaches to transport small or large groups of people for both Private Family or Corporate Functions

•  Provide Driver's for a Valet Service for people that need a Driver all day to attend Medical Appointments, Business Meetings, Shopping, Cars to be Picked Up or Delivered to the Mechanic for Family or Corporate businesses.

•  Pilot or Guide Service: designed for people visiting or traveling through Sydney while on holidays. We can either supply a Driver to drive your car or you can follow our car to your destination.

What is the cost of the services that your company provide?

We offer Several Price Structure for the following Service's:-

•  Daytime Rate: 06:00am - 18:00pm - A Kilometre Rate plus a Booking Fee

•  Night Time Rate: 18:00pm - 06:00am - A Kilometre Rate plus a Booking Fee

The cost varies with each job so we use Google Maps to supply an Approximate Quote until we actually know what the True Kilometres are when driving.

What is the cost of losing your licence or having an accident?

We believe that a trip with a Designated Driver, Dial A Driver Sydney, Dial A driver Australia Wide, Dial A Ride, Dial A Lift, is a bargain when you consider the cost of driving over the limit! There is also the cost of your valuable time. How much time will you spend picking up your car the next day if you do not use our Dial A Driver, Dial A Ride, Dial A Lift? The structure of our costs is such that the longer the trip, the greater the value with our cheap Km rate!

When should I make a Booking and Confirmation?

We prefer One Day prior to required day of service but if you are unable to give prior notice we can arrange drivers within a Two Hour time frame.

How do you accept Payment when a Booking & Confirmation is complete?


A DEPOSIT is payable at the Pick-Up Location prior to Departure and the Final Balance is payable on the completion of job.

Do we have to Sign any Documents prior to departure?

The owners of the vehicle Sign a Document prior to departure giving an employee of Dial A Driver or Subcontractors permission to drive the vehicle. If you are unable to or refuse to Sign the Document, we are unable to drive your vehicle.

Does our Vehicle have to be Insured and Registered?

Your Vehicle must have Full Comprehensive Insurance and be Roadworthy and fully Registered.

All our drivers work on a sub-contract basis and are therefore self employed and highly motivated. For insurance purposes, all our drivers are over the age of 25 and have excellent driving records. Dial A Driver Sydney, Dial A driver Australia Wide, Dial A Ride, Dial A Lift, requires that all cars driven are covered by a full comprehensive insurance policy and permission is given to drive the car. Dial A Driver Sydney, Dial A driver Australia Wide, Dial A Ride, Dial A Lift (DOES NOT) carry a contingency insurance policy, so the risk and liability is carried by the car owner.

If we have too many passenger's for our vehicle that is to be driven can Dial A Driver Australia Wide carry passenger's in their vehicle?

NO! Dial A Driver Australia Wide is NOT a registered taxi service and as such are unable to legally carry any passengers in our vehicles for fare or reward.

What suburbs or areas do you operate from or to?

Our Main Area of Operation is Based in Sydney but we operate as far a Newcastle to the North or Blue Mountains, to the west Wollongong, to the South.

However arrangements can be made to travel as far as you require Australia Wide with time to arrange for drivers.

Every effort is made to ensure or customers are offered only the very best service and should a question remain unanswered please ask when calling to make bookings.

Should my vehicle and trailer be involved in an accident can I call you for a tow?

No! - Dial A Driver Australia Wide is NOT a licenced accident towing service.

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Dial a TowDial a Tow Caravans Tiny Houses Boats Horse Floats

When you are needing to move!

Dial a Tow for a Professional Driver and Vehicle for your caravan or trailer towing needs.

Keep Your Life Moving!


Dial a Replacement DriverDial a Replacement Driver

Qualified Drivers as Replacements!

Do not let your business stop because you do not have a driver for the day.

Keep Your Business Moving!


Dial to Relocate a VehicleRelocate a Vehicle

Dial us to relocate your vehicle!

NO Driving? We collect and are able to relocate for you any type of vehicle to anywhere at a time that suits!

Keep Your Vehicles Moving!


Dial a Driver for the DisabledDriver for the Disabled

Qualified Drivers for the Disabled!

We can drive just about anything and take YOU just about ANYWHERE!

Do not stay home, when you can get out!


Dial a Driver for Mobility Scooter TowingMobilty Scooter Towing

Mobility Scooter Towing

We can pick up, carry and tow, relocate Mobility Scooters to just about ANYWHERE!

Do not stay home, when you can get out!


Bus ExcursionsBus Excursions

City or Country Excursions!

Hire a Coach or Mini Bus or hire vehicle and driver; its a safer and more cost effective option.

Keep Your Holiday Moving!


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Dial a Driver Australia Wide

Dial a DRIVER Australia Wide

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